Our business

熱海 峰 まめっこ


MINE is a company that conveys Japanese tradition to the world. The kanji for MINE means apex.

[Beautiful] [Cleanliness]

These words are the impressions that people from overseas have on Japan.
However, in Japan, there are beauty and wonderful culture that have not yet been passed on to the world.
Mine is a company whose purpose is to propose methods and means that suit the times and to disseminate the culture to the world.



We manufacture souvenirs inspired by Japanese tradition and culture.

We can also ship overseas, so if you are interested, please contact us by inquiries.



Address: 2nd Floor-B , 6-13 , Momijigaokacho , Atamishi , Sizuoka , 413-0027
TEL: +81-557-85-3126 / FAX 0557-85-3136

E-mail: contact@mine003.com